The Best Time to Build a Pool

The Best Time to Build a Pool

When is the Best Time to Build a Pool?

As with most home projects, the sooner you start building a pool, the sooner you can enjoy your new pool. As for the seasons, each has its own advantages and disadvantages for pool construction. Anytime is a good time to start planning a pool installation. If you know you want a pool and have the finances for it then now is the best time to start building a pool. Remember to always look for experienced pool builders that can make your backyard dreams come true.


Regardless of everything…Be Prepared and Plan in Advance

There are many factors to consider when looking for the best pool for you and your home. Get a professional pool builder, like Cody Pools, to discuss your dream pool and request a quote. Learn about the different pool types and narrow your choices based on your preferences and budget.

Ensure to have a consultation with a pool builder to find the right pool and location for your yard.

Below are some of the many factors to consider when planning your dream pool:

  • Type of pool deck and materials
  • Pool size, design, shape, and depth
  • Saltwater or chlorine pool systems
  • Pool features – e.g., lighting, pool access, water features, spas, slides, diving boards, etc.
  • Landscaping
  • Budget
  • Schedule

Designing and Building During Fall or Winter is the Best Time

If you start planning your pool in the fall or winter, you will be able to have you pool and landscaping completed come summer.

The fall and winter seasons are the best times to get a building permit. That’s when things are less busy than the spring and summer months when most builders apply. By planning your pool design and landscaping early and obtaining the necessary building permits as soon as possible. Consider the costs and benefits of building your pool at different times of the year and start planning your dream pool.

Winter & Fall Pool Construction Means Getting Better Acquainted

What better Christmas present than a swimming pool? Outside of the obvious added benefit of having a swimming pool serve as your family’s upcoming Christmas or holiday season gift, there are significant perks in having the work done in the Fall and Winter Months.


You Have Multiple Months to Learn Your Pool’s Needs

After building your pool, you will have a chance to better understand how to run your pool. Don’t worry; our experts at Cody Pools are ready to provide you with answers to your questions. We will help you to masterfully maintain the perfect environment for the summer to come.


You Have Time to Decorate Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Building a pool can take a beating on green spaces. By having the Spring to plan your garden and the idealized style for patio furniture and accessories, there is no rush on the big ideas you’ve been thinking about during the construction time frame.

Backyard design includes patios, walkways, steps, walls, garden beds, planting, drainage, grading, privacy, and lighting.

If you plan landscaping around your pool, you’ll also need to weigh the best time to do this work and work with a landscape architect to integrate your pool’s design into your new landscaping. Even if you can not plant anything in the winter, you can still plan your garden landscape. Once it warms up and your pool construction is complete, you can plant flowers, shrubs, and new grass in the spring.

Keep in mind that landscaping your yard can take multiple months, depending on the project’s scope. So ensure you have your landscape design is completed so you can start working on it as soon as possible.


You Benefit by Having Work Done When the Summer Rush has Ended

Suppose you’re looking to throw a Labor Day, Birthday, or Summer pool party and want to feel free. In that case, it’s best to plan and reap the benefits of building your pool during the off-season, allowing you to ensure everything in your backyard is just the way you want it and ready to show off for your party.


Cody Pools is the #1 swimming pool builder in the nation for over 10 years running and are ready to help with the design and construction of your backyard oasis! Contact any of our offices in Texas, Florida, or Arizona, or visit our website to to talk to a designer or schedule a free consultation.



Pool Fire Features

Pool Fire Features

Adding Pool Fire Features to Your Oasis

The world of swimming pool construction and backyard design is constantly changing. That’s why there are new and unique designs all the time. Luxurious pool features are all the rage. From waterfalls and slides to sunbeds, there is nothing that adds an elegant accent to a backyard oasis like pool fire features. There are many reasons pool designers should incorporate fire features into a backyard pool.
Incorporating fire elements into your pool area can benefit you in many ways. For example, it becomes a great source of light near the pool. Also, you can have a party with friends and family near the pool while you cook or entertain guests. Adding a fire element to your pool will take its beauty to the next level. Here are some various options for adding a fire element to your pool:


Building a fireplace at the patio’s edge or pool can provide warmth and light. A fireplace near your pool will become the central focal point that combines everything in your backyard. It will complement both the interior and exterior of your home.

Fire and Water Bowls:

Fire and water can create a perfect balance in a swimming pool. Water is, by nature, the dominant element in the world of swimming pools, exuding tranquility, relaxation, and freshness. When combined with fire, the oasis reaches a new dimension. Combine fire and water bowls to give your garden a stunning pool feature.

Fire Bowls:

Fire bowls come in a variety of designs to place around the pool. The flames create pleasant and unique lighting around the pool. There are many variations of fire bowls, such as small waterfalls made of these fire sculptures. The combination of these fire bowls and the water flowing down creates a mesmerizing effect and will impress your guests.

Custom Fire Pits:

Fire pits are a way to add fire features to a pool and backyard since they are an inexpensive yet beautiful and elegant option. They can come in different sizes, ranging from three to six feet. They can be gas or wood-fired and built from many different materials such as concrete, steel, and brick. However, most prefer fire pits ignited with gas and using fire glass/media to ensure a safe and long-lasting flame.

Safety First

Fire hazards can occur, but following these safety tips can prevent accidents:
• Wind Direction – Before lighting a fire, ensure you know which direction the wind is coming from.
• Do not wear loose-fitting clothing if planning to light a fire feature.
• Be sure to keep children and pets safe. They should be at least three feet away from the fire.

Cody Pools is the number one swimming pool builder in the nation for over 9 years running! Contact any of our offices in Texas, Florida, or Arizona, or visit our website to to talke to a designer or schedule a free consultation. To view more of our pool fire and water features, Click Here

Swimming Pool Designs for Small Backyards

Swimming Pool Designs for Small Backyards

Let us not kid ourselves! In many US cities, more and more residential neighborhoods are popping up. Many backyards today do not have much space. A small backyard however does not mean you cannot have a swimming pool. In fact, a small backyard pool design can go a long way, it has a lot to offer, and customizing your oasis is the best part. With freeform and linear designs, you can maximize the water area and add even add your favorite pool features, just as you would with larger sizes.

What is the Best Shape for Small Backyard Pools?

It is important to say, “it depends.” Every backyard is different, and you must work with your available resources. One important point, however, is that curved pools, such as the kidney shape, sacrifice some water area because they are freeform, but they also provide more decking space.

Remember, if you want to put out at least one lounge chair, you will need at least 7 feet of decking in that area. And if you want a table with chairs, you’ll need even more.

For this reason, freeform pools are prevalent in small backyards.

What are the Design Trends Today with Small Pools for Backyards?

Long, narrow pools are trendy now and add a modern, Mediterranean flair to any backyard. Round pools are also great for small patios and are perfect for corners. They also look beautiful when tiled and can almost be integrated into landscaping for a natural, rustic look. A lot of times the overall size and shape of a small yard that will help dictate what the best pool shape and design would be to maximize your available space.

Pool designers recommend a length of 15 to 20 feet long by 6 to 8 feet wide – you want to be able to stretch out an adult body comfortably. Several variations include a pool that comfortably seats eight people on benches 8′ x 8′, making it versatile and fitting into tight spaces. Plunge pools that can be heated or cooled can be 5’x 10′. It all depends on how you want to use the area.


Is it Possible to Include Pool Features with my Small Pool?

Of course! You can outfit a small backyard pool design with all the pool features you want that will fit in the space. The pool size does not limit aesthetic features like water features, fire features, lighting, automatic covers, etc.

Adding an infinity feature to a small pool can go well. And if you are thinking about adding a tanning ledge, you can also incorporate it right into the design! You can also build “premium” pools in small spaces – plunge pools and cocktail pools are ideal for small yards that still provide an upscale vibe.


Key Points on Small Backyard Pool Designs:

  • Small backyards work well for installing swimming pools just like large backyards.
  • The type of pool best suited for a small backyard depends on how you want to utilize your pool.
  • Free-form pools are common in small backyards because they provide ample space for patio furniture and landscaping.
  • Small pools can still have all the features that large pools have.


Check Out Some of the Unique Small Backyard Pool Designs We’ve Built Recently.

Cody Pools is the number one swimming pool builder in the nation for the 10th year in a row! Contact any of our offices in Texas, Florida, or Arizona, or visit our website to schedule a free consultation.

Cody Pools Wins the 2022 National Pool Builder of the Year at Paramount’s Award Gala

Cody Pools Wins the 2022 National Pool Builder of the Year at Paramount’s Award Gala

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS – Cody Pools, the #1 Pool Builder in the nation, has won the Paramount Pool & Spa Systems 2022 National Pool Builder of the Year award, which was announced & celebrated at in Dublin, Ireland.

Along with Cody Pools, California Pools and Landscape (a Cody Pools Company), also took home the award.

“We want to thank the team at Paramount Pool & Spa Systems for being a great partner for the Cody Pools family of companies” states Mike Church, President & CEO of Cody Pools. “Their commitment to quality, innovation & customer service have been great, and we look forward to working with them for many years to come”, he adds.

Paramount Pool & Spa Systems was founded in 1964 and has become one of the world’s leading in-floor pool equipment manufacturers. Learn more about them at

About Cody Pools
Cody Pools was established in 1994 and has been the Nation’s #1 Pool Builder for 10 years in a row, having built over 30,000 swimming pools, with offices throughout Texas, Florida & Arizona.

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Pool Finishes – Making the Right Choice

Pool Finishes – Making the Right Choice

PebbleTec® and It’s Advantages

Are you looking at building a swimming pool? Today, many companies use PebbleTec® as the pool finish material of choice. It may be more expensive than a traditional pool plaster, but it has a longer life. One of the most important features is the interior surface. The surface resists the absorption of pool chemicals as well as algae growth and staining because it is non-porous. On the other hand, traditional pool plaster finishes require more maintenance because it has a shorter lifespan, and its porous surface can be a “magnet” for algae and stains.

What is a PebbleTec®?

PebbleTec® pool finishes are a mixture of hydraulic cement and polished stone pebbles or glass.  The material has cement, water, pigments, and additives.

Choice of Colors and Textures

There is a wide range of colors available.  However, a homeowner may be confused when choosing a pool finish color because some patterns are modern and cool or bright and summery.  Ultimately, the designer can help select the color that, along with the surface effects, will add elegance to the new oasis.

Texture can also influence the decision when choosing a color.  Note that smaller pebbles are best because they will not scratch or hurt your feet, and the surface is non-slip and stain-resistant.


Pebble floors offer a unique design that can fit into an overall design scheme.  The advantage is that it gives your backyard the feeling of a natural oasis and can fully fit into the design of a house.


The pebble combination is applied to the concrete using a pneumatic sprayer.  In other words, the mixture is pumped through a hose to ensure even coverage.  Installers then scrape Pebble Tec by hand to create a compact surface.  In most cases, technicians wear special shoes with spikes to protect the surface.

To expose the pebbles or glass beads, technicians use a water jet to remove excess cement, apply an acidic solution, and clean it with a pressure washer.  Once the installation is complete, fill the pool with water, follow the pool maintenance instructions, balance the chemicals and swim away!

Less Maintenance

Save time and money with an interior surface made of pebbles.  It’s non-porous, stain-resistant, and non-slip.  To prevent scale buildup, check the chemical balance of your pool water at least twice a week.  Make sure the overall level is between 7.4 and 7.5.  Otherwise, it may result in limescale buildup, which in some cases will require draining the water from the pool in order to clean properly.

Once again, Cody Pools is the #1 swimming pool builder for the 10th year in a row!  Contact any of our Texas, Florida, or Arizona offices, or visit our website to schedule a free consultation.