Choosing The Best Spot for Your Swimming Pool

Choosing The Best Spot for Your Swimming Pool

When a homeowner decides to build a pool, there are many details to consider; one of the biggest choices is where to place the pool in your yard.  The size and shape of your yard may limit the options.  Here is a list of tips to help you make the most of your choices.


First, consider the use of the space.  Is there an existing patio to incorporate into your pool design?  Are there pets running around in the yard?  Is there playground equipment that needs rearrangement?  Perhaps some obstacles prevent placing a pool, such as trees or utility lines, or leaves and saps, making it a maintenance nightmare.  After taking these constraints into account, the best place for the pool is often already clear.

When choosing a location for your pool, consider the placement of lawns, gardens, and patios.  Keep in mind that space is important, and with swimming pools, the more, the better.  However, our team of designers can help to create the perfect pool for any size backyard.


The main reason for getting a pool is to swim and spend time with friends and family – but it is also important to add some pool accessories and amenities.  It is ideal to choose an area where the pool area connects to the house and integrates both with a garden, patio, paving, decking, or pathways.  A well-placed and well-designed pool will still allow enjoying the view while relaxing or entertaining friends and family.


Privacy is another consideration issue to consider when choosing a location for a pool.  A pool owner needs protection from the neighbors and other people who pass by.  It is the norm to have a pool in the backyard.  However, a pool in the front or side yard with a high privacy fence may be best for your home.

Weather and Environment

It is good to place your pool in an area facing north, where it will get at least four hours of sun daily.  It helps raise the water temperature a few degrees and will have lower energy costs.  Also, adding a fence can help block some of the wind to help keep the pool water warmer.

Slopes and Other Issues

Some yard areas may not be amenable to installing a pool, and others may be more challenging, resulting in higher installation costs.

For example, a pool contractor builds an inground pool on level ground.  They can always cut down a slope and build a retaining wall to create a level surface for your pool.  However, that’s an entire project in itself that comes with a hefty price tag.

Selecting the area can be confusing, but a good pool builder can help you.   There are some factors that can limit the location of the pool in your yard including:

  • Low-lying areas that are prone to flooding
  • Windy areas that cause excessive water evaporation
  • Buried utility lines
  • Local building codes regarding easements and/or clearances
  • Accessibility for pool construction


Once again, Cody Pools is the #1 swimming pool builder for the 10th year in a row!  Contact any of our offices in Texas, Florida, or Arizona, or visit our website to schedule a free consultation.

Key Things to Know in Choosing the Right Pool Builder

Key Things to Know in Choosing the Right Pool Builder

Why ask the Questions?

We know that investing in a swimming pool is a big decision. And since a lot of this may be foreign to you (unless you have been through this process before) you may be experiencing a bit of the “FUD Factor”: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Anytime we deal with things that we don’t have a lot of experience with – we tend to get a little uncomfortable (some more than others). The investment in a swimming pool is a big decision. But it is one of the best decisions you can make as a backyard swimming pool can bring many years of enjoyment and wonderful family memories to your life.
So pardon the pun but please DIVE IN to this informa-tion. It should address many of your concerns and help to educate you as you begin this process. If you still have questions after you read this we welcome the opportunity to discuss any and all of your questions or concerns.

How to Choose the Right Pool Builder

REFERRALS – talk to your neighbors, friends, business associates, etc. to see if they have experience with any local pool builders. If you don’t produce some builder names in this process then at least ask any pool contractors you may be considering to provide you with a list of some recent customers that you can contact. Now it is unlikely that a contractor will give you a list of unhappy customers – but there still is merit in speaking with people who have been through the process. You should ask them what went right and what to watch out for along the way; and how did the contractor resolve any issues along the way. Some questions to consider asking include:

  • How long did the total project take from start to completion? All things considered was everything completed in a reasonable amount of time?
  • What did the contractor do to educate you on the construction process? Was this done at the time of sale or at a pre-construction meeting?
  • Did any unforeseen or unexpected costs arise that you weren’t warned about up-front? In other words – did the pool builder complete the entire project at the original contract price? And, if there were changes (deletions or additions) were they handled via a written contract addendum or change-order?
  • How was the communication throughout the process?Did the builder keep you informed as the job moved ahead and in the event of any unforeseen delays, inspections, etc?
  • Was a final walk-through conducted giving you the opportunity to address any/all concerns prior to completion? Did all of your concerns get addressed to your satisfaction?
  • Lastly, are you satisfied with your pool builder to the point where you would not hesitate to recommend the builder.

INTERNET – you are reading this article because your search; whether because of a referral, curiosity, or whatever reason – got you to our website. We recognize the internet as a very valuable tool to help people conducting research. Obviously our goal is to provide some educational assistance in your decision on your time and on your terms. If your research leads you to the decision to acquire your own backyard pool we hope you will give us an opportunity to earn your business. We would like nothing more then to help you achieve your backyard dream as we have done for many other families.

Can They Help You Create the Right Pool Design for You?

The pool builder you choose should be able to professionally guide you through the design process. The designer will help you explore with pool shape and size will fit your lifestyle and backyard. Below are the most common pool shapes to consider.

Geometric is a pool with straight lines and/or more geo-metric curves. A geometric type of pool usually takes on more basic shapes such as rectangular and/or “Grecian” and usually takes on a more “classical” look. Homes with more symmetrical property lines accommodate geomet-ric pools quite well. A simple geometric design in the right setting provides a very elegant look.

Freeform pools have “non-symmetrical” curves. This style of pool design is often used to create a more “natu-ral” look. Rock trim and pebble type interiors are often used to accentuate a freeform pool. Homes with irregular and non-symmetric property lines accommodate a free-form pool nicely.

Lap pool is the term applied to a swimming pool that is used for swimming “laps” for exercise or training. Most lap pools are geometric (for example, rectangular), but can also take on a freeform shape with enough length left in one direction, perhaps on a diagonal line, that lap swimming can still be accomplished.

Vanishing Edge/Infinity Edge/Negative Edge: you may hear any one of these terms and they all basically refer to the same style of pool. A portion of the pool is left just slightly below the water level allowing water to flow over that area into a catch basin – creating the illusion that the water is flowing into whatever the backdrop view consists of. In the right setting, typically where the backyard falls away – perhaps into a steep cliff, into a lake, etc.- the ef-fect can be extremely dramatic.

Cocktail Pool: this is a fairly new term that describes an oversized spa or small pool that can be used for parties, entertainment and relaxation. Many people choose a “cocktail poo or spooll” to accommodate a smaller space. Cocktail Pools can range from simple to extravagant depending on the features incorporated.

There are many other design considerations that can arise based on the terrain, your desire for water movement/wa-ter features, etc. A good designer will assist you through this process while insuring that what is conceived is buildable.

How Detailed is Their Estimate and Contract?

An accurate estimate can only be arrived at by thorough conversations between you and your pool builder. The initial consultation will identify your desired pool design. From there the design will measure accurately your backyard. From there, the following should happen:

  • Provide you with a 3D rendering and scale drawing of the pool and backyard. This process is not complete until you are 100% satisfied with the plan and it may require a few revisions to get to that point. While it is re-ally at the discretion of the builder you should not expect the contractor to leave the drawings with you for other, less talented designers to copy. This is the work product for which he is paid, and it is not a standard practice to leave it behind. When a decision is made and the final plan is prepared, you are entitled to a complete copy before the actual construction process begins.
  • Provide you with a written proposal/contract that defines all of the features included in the project. This document should define the responsibilities of both the contractor and you as the homeowner.

What will the Contract contain?

A typical proposal should include at least the below information.

  1. Pool and Spa (when applicable) lengths, widths and depths
  2. Materials to be used for the interior finish, the waterline tile, any water features, rock materials, etc.
  3. Type and amount of decking
  4. Utility runs and hook-ups as applicable (electric / gas)
  5. Equipment to be installed (Pumps, Filter, Heater, Controller, Etc.)
  6. Cleaning system
  7. Water sanitation system
  8. Responsibilities of homeowner
  9. Contact information (Office and/or Cell phones)
  10. Warranty information

A swimming pool is an investment that keeps providing returns year after year. Those returns are in the form of family fun and family memories. You’ve worked hard to get to a place in your life where you can make your back-yard dreams a reality. We hope this article has provided you with some very valuable information on choosing a pool builder. We would love to work with you if you reach the point where you are ready to “Build your backyard dream”. Let us know if we can be of any assistance.

Swimming Pool Shapes and Designs

Swimming Pool Shapes and Designs

There are swimming pools in all shapes, sizes, styles, and designs. Some are for specific purposes, such as pools for health and fitness, infinity pools as an architectural statement in the landscape, novelty pools that express the owner’s personality or interests, and natural pools that blend into the landscape.

Ultimately the shape of your pool depends on a variety of variables: Lot size and available space, property location, budget, safety code compliance, the architectural style of your home, sun exposure, intended use of the pool, whether you want an integrated or separate hot tub, and ultimately your personal preference. Here are five questions to keep in mind when determining the shape and design of a pool:

  1. What size is your backyard?
  2. Where in that space do you envision the pool?
  3. How many people will be using the pool at one time?
  4. Are you planning to throw large pool parties? Or will you have it all to yourself?
  5. What shape is best for your needs?

7 Popular Pool Shapes

Classic or Roman-Shaped Pools

For an anesthetic that looks like a movie set, these styles are reminiscent of each other yet distinctive. They are both, in a word, grand. The luxury of a Roman bath, framed by majestic columns with arches at either end, makes an impressive statement. Greek baths are similarly opulent with their spacious design and interesting niches in each corner. Although the inspiration comes from ancient structures, there is nothing antique about these pools. The design shape typically goes well for a medium to large size yard.


Although the name for this pool shape is evident, there is nothing unusual about this classic shape. What’s especially nice is that it can easily frame this shape with potted plants and even fire bowls on pillars. The pool design can support a modern or antique esthetic. While you will need a relatively large space to get the most out of this pool, it offers the flexibility you want for a permanent installation.

Kidney Shaped Pool

The bean-shaped design is just as popular as traditional rectangular pools. They are graphically attractive because they are not rectilinear and provide a lovely natural niche along the pool line where you can place your outdoor furniture. Perfect for medium-sized backyards.

oval swimming pool design

The Figure-Eight

You may not see this shape as often as others, but these pools add an attractive hourglass shape to your outdoor retreat. Like two separate pools connected in the middle, you can always designate one for pool floats and the other for your outdoor Zen experience. The shape is one that easily allows water circulation. It provides a soothing whirlpool effect, especially if you add a sparkling water feature like a fountain.

L-Shaped Swimming Pool

As the name suggests, this is another design that makes excellent use of the pool’s footprint. You can use the longer part of the pool for your laps while using the shorter half for relaxing. The design provides a natural niche for your furniture and allows easy access to both ends. If your backyard has an irregular shape or has limited space, the design is a great solution.


Contrary to a geometric shape, a freeform-designed pool is as organic as it gets. It takes curvy lines to make it look like a lagoon or a pond. With this pool shape, there is no prefabricated solution. Think of the kind of pools you have seen in the backyards of professional athletes and the rich and famous. This super customizable solution is the stuff of luxury. You can create your kind of indulgence with suitable textiles and accents for any pool installation. On the other hand, freeform pools allow you to define the profile of your pool in endless ways!

Freeform Pool Design

Rectangular/Geometric Pools

Although we list rectangular pools last, they are by no means the least popular! It’s the classic pool where you can add steps into the shallow water and a Baja ledge for sunbathing. There’s also a lot to say about including a nice little swim-up bar! This shape will always be around. This pool shape offers flexibility. You can still swim your laps and at the same time have enough space and depth for both the youngest and oldest family members to enjoy this multipurpose backyard pool.

Houston Pool Design Ideas

To see more shapes and sizes, plus design features and more, visit our Residential Pool Gallery.

Cody Pools is the number one swimming pool builder in the nation for over 9 years running! Contact any of our offices in Texas, Florida, or Arizona, or visit our website to schedule a free consultation.

5 Houston Pool Trends of 2022

5 Houston Pool Trends of 2022

Summer 2022 is almost here, and we’d like to highlight some pool trends for your new pool & backyard.

Trends come and go, but a well-planned, thoughtful pool & backyard design is important. In 2022, pools are more than just a place to cool off. They’re the focal point of your backyard, and they’ll allow you to make memories both in & outside of the pool.

If you’re looking for a new pool design in Houston, we’ve got you covered, including these trends:

1. Natural look, feel & materials:

We’re seeing a trend in Houston Pool Design of a more natural look & feel. This includes sourcing materials which match the natural local aesthetic, including a cohesive look with your backyard. Materials such as natural stone, wood, and metal work together in your custom Houston backyard. This trend is popular because it looks great and works well within the natural landscape.

Freeform Pool by Houston Pool Builder Cody Pools

2. Special effects:

Many pools will have special effects like fountains and lighting that create a relaxing atmosphere for swimming. These features can be controlled from your phone, so you don’t even have to get out of the pool to change them!

3. Sensors:

Sensors are becoming more common in all kinds of products these days and they can be used in pools too! Pools with sensors will track how much time you spend swimming, how often you use each feature, and other useful information about your swim sessions so that you can see how well your body is working out while exercising in the pool!

4. Grill, Watch TV & Gather:

What’s better than a new pool? How about a new pool with a custom BBQ, bar & backyard! We have seen a big uptick in creating a complete backyard oasis, including places to gather, grill, watch TV and chill.

5. The Backyard Escape:
Our Houston Pool Company designs can be for those who want to create a sense of privacy and seclusion, but don’t have much room to work with. The Backyard Escape makes use of all the space you have and then some, with a large deck that’s perfect for lounging and enjoying the sun. The pool itself is sunken into the ground so that it’s hidden from view when you’re standing on the deck.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at 5 Houston pool trends for 2022!

With so many amazing options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to building your dream backyard oasis.

Our advice is to get out there and do some research and if you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve got plenty more ideas on our website:
Houston Pool Builders.

Cody Pools Announces $40,000 Donation To The Texas Oncology Foundation

Cody Pools Announces $40,000 Donation To The Texas Oncology Foundation

Cody Pools, the #1 Pool Builder in the United States, announces a $40,000 donation to the Texas Oncology Foundation, through their fundraising efforts from their annual Cody Shack golf tournament.

This donation is planned to be used to support multiple programs within The Texas Oncology Foundation, including assisting to transport people to and from radiation treatments, when they cannot afford or coordinate a ride otherwise.

“We are so happy to that we could help give back to The Texas Oncology Foundation, and very proud of the Cody Pools team & our vendors for coming out and supporting their cause” states Mike Church, President & CEO of Cody Pools.

Cody Pools holds an annual Cody Shack golf tournament each year, with the proceeds being donated to a charity, part Cody Pool’s giving initiatives driven by Kelley Church at Cody Pools.

About Cody Pools
Cody Pools is the #1 Pool Builder in the nation for 9 years running. They have designed and built over 20,000 swimming pools since their inception in 1994. They have built a reputation as a world acclaimed pool builder built on providing uncompromising quality, award-winning designs, and leadership.

Cody Pools has offices in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Tampa/St. Petersburg & the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area.