The Importance of Pool Safety Fences

The Importance of Pool Safety Fences

A swimming pool is a dream purchase for many. With all the fun and luxury, a pool can provide, it’s easy to forget an important safety feature, a fence. For centuries, fences have served as a safeguard for properties. One dedicated to a swimming pool should be a top priority if you want to take the plunge.

Swimming Pool Laws

Many cities and counties require that you erect a fence around your pool. However, it is up to you to investigate whether it is a requirement where you live. Let us discuss a few things you should consider when making this decision!


The most apparent benefit of pool fencing is the increased level of security. If you have young children, you know how hard it is to keep a constant eye on any toddler. They are off one turn of the head, not caring about the world. Fences present a barrier that curious children cannot overcome easily; the same goes for pool fences. A completely open pool poses a risk for children, but installing a fence can significantly reduce that risk. When a child is unsupervised in the backyard, a safety fence for your swimming pool will help prevent accidents.


You might think that a fence around a pool will interfere with your ability to supervise young swimmers, but that’s not the case. The barriers recommended for swimming pools – such as hoop railings and safety fences – make it easy to maintain visibility from a distance. You can quickly survey the pool area and immediately respond if something is amiss.

Maintain Visual Appeal

The appearance of the fence is always an important factor. Fortunately, a pool fence will not detract from the aesthetic quality of your yard or any other area. Fencing adds texture to your yard; a four/five-foot metal fence will delineate the swimming pool without looking too imposing. A domestic fence for your pool blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscaping while increasing security. It’s a win-win for both parties.
The rules are to protect young children and regulate the minimum height, spacing between and under fences, and the type of gate locks. These guidelines provide a logical and reasonable standard to follow and encourage you always to appreciate swimming pool safety.

Professional installation

Always enlist the services of a professional fence contractor. A reputable contractor will design and install fencing to meet your specific needs, which is especially important with a pool fence.
It’s important to include the word safety in our swimming pool lingo. Remember that prevention is paramount, regardless of existing or non-existing regulations; installing a safety fence around your pool will help protect lives.

Our primary concern at Cody Pools is our customers. If you have any questions, give us a call or schedule a consultation for a free quote.

Featured Pool: May 2023

Featured Pool: May 2023

Our Featured Pool for May 2023 is this incredible pool built in Liberty Hill, Tx. This classic geometric design boasts a variety of features and amenities that many homeowners have come to expect when making their backyard oasis an integral part of their home. This pool is highlighted by a raised spa, baja shelf, covered pavilion, swim up bar and extensive decking for entertaining. Below you will find key pictures of this gorgeous pool along with insight from the designer.

What Was it About this Project that Required an Unusual Level of Craftmanship?

This project required an elegant solution to address the drop in elevation from their existing patio which is slightly over 6′ above grade. Rather than a single staircase, we opted to do double stairs which allowed the pool to stay centered on the patio and avoid a septic field beside the house.

Describe the Aesthetic Appeal of This Pool?

The beauty of this project comes from the integration of existing trees and the multiple zones for rest and relaxation. There was a thin Live Oak grove outside the house, and we selected a few to anchor the design around. The main pool deck curves around a young tree on the left to bring people to a covered pavilion with outdoor seating, and on the right the deck steps down with the grading of the yard to a lower swim up bar that is shared from both sides. The bar area integrates with another tree to provide shade and allow the family to walk out into the yard to the playground and field area below.

What Was the Main Challenge to Achieving the Creativity of the Design?

The elevation change in the yard along with a septic field in the back of the house limited the footprint of the pool and created a barrier for the usable space that forced some fun integrations of walls, steps, and railings into the project.

Do You have an Unusual Story Associated with the Pool Project?

When the homeowners first contacted me, they were interested in building the pool at the existing patio level, 6+ feet above grade, that would also pull people out into their beautiful yard. They have two young children who they wanted to have a place to play and grow and enjoy nature. We went through about 7 or 8 revisions that didn’t quite have the feeling they were looking for. I then proposed an idea that we create a concept set down closer to existing grade. After seeing how the design blended with the existing tree grove and the easy access to the backyard, they felt this was going to be the best fit for their family. A few more revisions later and we landed on the double staircase design that creates the dramatic appearance they desired. In addition, it allowed their budget to go further and add the covered pavilion!

Pool Details

Pool Features & Amenities

  • Baja Shelf with Bubblers
  • 3 Umbrella Sleeves
  • Swim Up Bar
  • Covered Pavillion

Let’s Build Your Backyard Oasis!

We’re ready to help you create the bacyard that you’ve been dreaming about. Schedule you Free, No Obligation, Design Consultation today!

Homes For Our Troops Recognizes Cody Pools

Homes For Our Troops Recognizes Cody Pools

The Homes For Our Troops organization recently released their Annual Top 10 Fundraiser list and Cody Pools is proud and honored to be included in this list along with the other honorees. Cody Pools recently completed their annual CodyShack charity golf tournament on October 14th, 2022. The 11th Annual CodyShack Golf Tournament was held at the Golf Club at Star Ranch in Hutto, Texas, on Friday, October 14th, 2022. 148 players and 65 spectators attended, raising over $100,000 for the charity Homes For Our Troops.

Attending the event was the President of Homes For Our Troops, Tom Landwermeyer, who also played and spoke on behalf of the organization.
“We want to thank our employees, partners & vendors for helping make this another successful charity golf tournament,” states Mike Church, President & CEO of Cody Pools. “Homes For Our Troops is such an amazing organization, and we were so pleased to be able to help raise & donate $100,000 to their cause”, he added.

The day also featured some fun events, including a Helicopter ball drop, the closest ball to the hole contest (which was donated by the winner back to Homes For Our Troops), tickets to let a golf pro drive your ball for you and other monetary donations by vendors, employees, invited players and spectators.

Homes For Our Troops (HFOT) is a publicly funded 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that builds and donates specially adapted custom homes nationwide for severely injured post-9/11 Veterans, to enable them to rebuild their lives. Most of these Veterans have sustained injuries including multiple limb amputations, partial or full paralysis, and/or severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). These homes restore some of the freedom and independence our Veterans sacrificed while defending our country, and enable them to focus on their family, recovery, and rebuilding their lives.
You can donate and learn more about the Homes For Our Troops organization at
Download the Top 10 Fundraiser list

What You Should Consider When Building a Pool

What You Should Consider When Building a Pool

12 Things You Should Know When Building a Pool

Have you been considering putting a swimming pool in your backyard and are ready to take the plunge? Fantastic! Building a pool is an exciting and significant investment for your property. Here are some important factors to consider when planning and building a pool:

Permits and Regulations

With some cities and/or HOA’s, it may not be possible to put in a swimming pool. You will want to find that out before moving forward. Building a pool may require permits and compliance with local building codes, safety regulations, and zoning restrictions. Make sure to obtain the necessary permits and comply with all regulations to avoid potential legal and safety issues. A reputable pool builder can help you with the permitting process.


Determine your budget for building a pool, including all costs associated with construction, permits, landscaping, and ongoing maintenance. It’s essential to have a clear understanding of your budget and stick to it throughout the construction process.

Pool Design and Size

Consider the design and size of the pool that best suits your needs, taking into account factors such as available space, intended use (e.g., recreational, exercise, or aesthetics), and local building codes and regulations.

Type of Pool

There are various types of pools, including concrete (gunite or shotcrete), vinyl liner, and fiberglass. Each type has its pros and cons in terms of durability, cost, and maintenance, so choose the one that aligns with your preferences and budget. Gunite pools are more durable and flexible in design options. Vinyl liner and fiberglass may be cheaper but also don’t tend to last as long or provide more design options.

Pool Features

Consider what additional features you want to include in your pool, such as waterfalls, slides, lighting, heating, and automation systems. These features can enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and enjoyment of your pool, but they can also add to the overall cost.

(For more info, Browse our articles on Pool Designs and Features)

Maintenance and Operating Costs

Pools require ongoing maintenance, such as cleaning, chemical balancing, and equipment upkeep. Consider the long-term maintenance and operating costs when budgeting for your pool, including costs for chemicals, water, electricity, and potential repairs.

Energy Efficiency

Consider incorporating energy-efficient features in your pool, such as variable-speed pumps, LED lighting, and solar heating, to reduce operating costs and minimize your environmental impact.

Landscaping and Surroundings

Consider how your pool will fit into your overall landscape design and the surrounding environment. Plan for appropriate landscaping, fencing, and safety measures to ensure the pool integrates well with your property.

Choosing the Right Pool Builder

Choose a reputable and experienced pool builder to ensure a successful pool construction process. Research and interview multiple contractors, check their credentials, and ask for references before deciding. For more information on choosing a pool builder, click here.

Pool Safety

Pool safety is crucial, especially if you have children, pets, or guests who may use the pool. Consider safety features such as pool covers, fences, alarms, and rescue equipment to ensure the safety of all pool users.


Building a pool may impact your homeowner’s insurance, so be sure to review your insurance policy and consider any additional coverage or liability protection that may be needed.

Future Use and Resale Value

Think about the long-term use of the pool and its potential impact on your property’s resale value. Consider how the pool may fit into your future plans and whether it may be attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell your property.

Building a pool requires careful planning, budgeting, and consideration of various factors. It’s essential to thoroughly research and consult with professionals to ensure a successful and enjoyable pool building experience. We invite you to contact Cody Pools with any questions you have with building your dream pool.

Swim Up Bars: Adding One to Your Pool Design

Swim Up Bars: Adding One to Your Pool Design

What could be better than having a cocktail poolside? How about never leaving the pool to get one? Swim-up bars are a popular feature in many resort and hotel pools, as well as high-end residential pools. They are often designed to be visually appealing and can be customized to fit the overall style and aesthetic of the pool area. They are quickly becoming a must-have in backyard pools. Looking for inspiration? Here are 12 Swim-Up bars located within popular resorts around the world.

What is a Swim up Pool Bar?

A swim-up pool bar is a feature in a swimming pool that allows swimmers to enjoy drinks and snacks without having to leave the water. It is typically a bar or counter located at the edge of the pool, with submerged barstools or seating that allow swimmers to stay in the water while they eat and drink.

Swim-up bars offer a unique and luxurious swimming experience to any pool design. They are also a practical way to entertain guests. Food and drinks can be served in the pool. They can also be a great way to stay cool and refreshed on hot summer days. Even if you don’t have a swim-up bar, submerged barstools, table and an umbrella also offer a relaxing way to stay cool and enjoy a tasty beverage.

If you’re considering adding a swim-up bar to your home pool, here are some advantages to consider:


A swim-up bar provides a convenient way to enjoy food and drinks without having to leave the pool. This can be especially convenient for parties or gatherings, as it allows guests to socialize and enjoy refreshments without having to get out of the water.


A swim-up bar can be a great addition to a backyard pool for entertaining guests. It can create a fun and luxurious atmosphere that is perfect for summer parties and gatherings.


A swim-up bar can add a stylish and modern touch to your pool area. It can be designed to complement the overall design and aesthetic of your pool and backyard, and can help to create a luxurious and resort-like atmosphere.


Adding a swim-up bar can increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers, should you decide to sell your home in the future.

Fun and relaxation:

Swimming up to a bar and enjoying a drink while relaxing in the water can be a fun and enjoyable way to unwind after a long day. It can also be a great way to beat the summer heat and stay cool and refreshed.