Featured Pool: April 2023

by | Apr 3, 2023 | Featured Pools, Pool Designs and Ideas

“What was it about this project that required an unusual level of quality workmanship”
Making sure that this spa had the 100% infinity look was extremely important. That customer wanted to look over the spa to the fire and water features as if the spa wasn’t there. Then, for the water feature, we had to ensure that each scupper was the same exact height of the next so each one would have the same water flow. This project was very important to show quality because there were neighbors looking to build a pool in this high end neighborhood so we had to impress them in order to win everyone’s business. In the end, we were successful because we paid attention to quality and details.

“Describe how this pool design integrates effectively with the home, landscape, or both”
The infinity spa was meant to be a focal point from the house. The rest of the pool was designed and positioned around that and the home. We used the upward slope of the yard to our advantage. Instead of doing a retaining wall around the decking, we decided to elevate the pergola space to be a “destination” area. Knowing the future plans for landscaping, we created a more natural looking water feature “tank” and scuppers instead of sheers to blend with the landscaping.

“Describe the aesthetic appeal of this entire project”
This project was meant to feel like a resort. You have a little bit of everything. On one end, we have the elevated pergola overlooking the pool. Having that raised creates a sense that it is a destination to go under. Then as we scan over the pool, the glass tile of the spa basically disappears into the pool water giving the infinity feel. At night, the fire bowls shine bright across the pool. The centered water feature brings everything all together on the back wall with a nice twist to normal scuppers. The tanning shelf, which is separated from the stairs, gives a nice place to layout with out people walking past you. Then, we have the fire pit for those cold night to hang around that has great views of the hole project.