Featured Pool: March 2023

by | Mar 28, 2023 | Featured Pools, Pool Designs and Ideas

“What was it about this project that required an unusual level of quality workmanship”

This project was all about the little details. To keep the overall look fairly simple, but still have some pop, the customer chose to utilize the pebble material from their showers. Instead of coming on mesh, they each had to be individually hand laid on both the horizontal and vertical surface, which added a lot of extra time to this build.

“Describe how this pool design integrates effectively with the home, landscape, or both”

In order to have a “flat yard” feel, in a neighborhood built in the hills, the customer built the entire backyard up by an average of 10’. That allowed the pool to extend out from the house, while still allowing for a large play area for his kids. The entire back wall of the house slides open to expose the pristine pool to the rest of the interior.

“Describe the aesthetic appeal of this entire project”

The customer was looking to recreate their recent resort experience, but on a much smaller scale. The colors and clean lines mirrored the aesthetics of their home, giving them a beautiful resort extension from the back of the house. Using the same pebble from their showers, we created a nice accent band around the perimeter of the pool, while also utilizing it around the water and fire features. The elegance is truly brought out at night when the soft glow of light casts shadows across the splitface travertine walls, and LED’s accent the outdoor kitchen.

Unusual Story:

Because the backyard was built up with compacted fill, the excavators were expecting a little reprieve from the usual solid rock conditions in that neighborhood. However, they quickly realized how well the material was compacted, because it took over a week to dig this 15’ x 30’ rectangle