Let us not kid ourselves! In many US cities, more and more residential neighborhoods are popping up. Many backyards today do not have much space. A small backyard however does not mean you cannot have a swimming pool. If you’re looking for examples of small backyard pools, we have a variety of examples you should consider. A small backyard pool design can go a long way, has a lot to offer, and customizing your oasis is the best part. With freeform and linear designs, you can maximize the water area and add even add your favorite pool features, just as you would with larger sizes.

What is the Best Shape for a Pool in a Small Backyard?

It is important to say, “it depends.” Every backyard is different, and you must work with your available resources. One important point, however, is that curved pools, such as the kidney shape, sacrifice some water area because they are freeform, but they also provide more decking space.

Remember, if you want to put out at least one lounge chair, you will need at least 7 feet of decking in that area. And if you want a table with chairs, you’ll need even more.

For this reason, freeform pools are prevalent in small backyards.

What are Some Good Small Backyard Pool Ideas?

Long, narrow pools are trendy now and add a modern, Mediterranean flair to any backyard. Round pools are also great for small patios and are perfect for corners. They also look beautiful when tiled and can almost be integrated into landscaping for a natural, rustic look. A lot of times the overall size and shape of a small yard that will help dictate what the best pool shape and design would be to maximize your available space.

Pool designers recommend a length of 15 to 20 feet long by 6 to 8 feet wide – you want to be able to stretch out an adult body comfortably. Several variations include a pool that comfortably seats eight people on benches 8′ x 8′, making it versatile and fitting into tight spaces. Plunge pools that can be heated or cooled can be 5’x 10′. It all depends on how you want to use the area.


Is it Possible to Include Pool Features with my Small Pool?

Of course! You can outfit a small backyard pool design with all the pool features you want that will fit in the space. The pool size does not limit aesthetic features like water features, fire features, lighting, automatic covers, etc.

Adding an infinity feature to a small pool can go well. And if you are thinking about adding a tanning ledge, you can also incorporate it right into the design! You can also build “premium” pools in small spaces – plunge pools and cocktail pools are ideal for small yards that still provide an upscale vibe.


Key Points on Small Backyard Pool Designs:

    • Small backyards work well for installing swimming pools just like large backyards.
    • The type of pool best suited for a small backyard depends on how you want to utilize your pool.
    • Free-form pools are common in small backyards because they provide ample space for patio furniture and landscaping.
    • Small pools can still have all the features that large pools have.


Here are some Small Backyard Pool Design Ideas We’ve Built Recently.

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