Swimming Tips for All Levels

by | Aug 19, 2014 | Pool Safety, Swimming Lifestyle


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Swimming tips for beginners but also more exerienced swimmers. Quickly fix certain aspects of your technique and swim strokes.

Older brother helping younger brother with swim goggles

When you take up swimming, you often feel awkward and wonder what advanced swimmers do to avoid such and such problem or how they obtain such and such effect. Then, as time passes by, you learn some swimming tips and tricks that improve your technique and you become a better swimmer.

There are certain things that advanced swimmers do that take time to master but there are other things they do that anyone can do if only they know how. So this section provides those quick tips and tricks so that you can shorten your learning curve as much as possible.

The Tips

Breathing While Swimming – Basic Exercises and Tips: When you learn how to swim, breathing in a relaxed fashion can be difficult at first because the fears of getting water into your lungs and drowning can manifest themselves. However, it is important to master breathing to relax, swim with correct technique and ensure that the body’s oxygen needs are met. This article describes basic breathing tips and drills to overcome these issues.

Swimming and Breathing In the Four Strokes: This article describes some tips for swimming and breathing in the most popular swimming strokes. It also teaches how to breathe seamlessly taking into account each swim stroke’s peculiarities.

Breathing and Swimming Drills for the Freestyle Swim Stroke: Breathing and swimming issues are pretty common while learning the freestyle stroke. The progressive swimming drills in this article will help you learn or improve the breathing technique used in freestyle.

10 Freestyle Swimming Technique Tips to Improve Your Stroke: Having a good freestyle swimming technique is essential for an effective stroke. Being effective means either being relaxed while swimming at slow to moderate speed or swimming fast without being exhausted to quickly. The swimming tips in this article will help you become a more effective freestyle swimmer.

How To Teach Yourself To Swim – Tricks To Learn Better And Faster: If you want to teach yourself to swim and don’t have access to a swim coach or swimming lessons, don’t despair! The tips in this article will help you if you want to learn a new stroke or improve your current swimming strokes by yourself.