1. Shape and size: The larger the pool the greater the cost is obvious. The price for the vessel is based on the internal volume of the hole. That is derived from the perimeter, the area, and the depth.
  2. Elevations: It is easier and therefore less expensive to build a pool on level ground than on the side of a hill. Considerations need to be made for structural integrity and lot drainage. Flatter terrains such as those around Dallas/Ft. Worth and Houston generally don’t require the same amount of excavation as in Central Texas.
  3. Access: The type of excavation equipment that can come in and operate will be a factor. It is more cost effective to excavate with a backhoe and load directly to a dump truck than to shuttle the spoils to the street with a bobcat.
  4. Equipment: The equipment consists of pump(s), filter, and sanitation systems, floor cleaners and heaters. There are many options. Your choice may be to spend a little more up front and gain long term savings by using high efficiency equipment.
  5. Utilities: The pump(s) will require electricity. Getting the service to the equipment area will vary from project to project. If a gas or propane heater is in the plan, the fuel line will need to be run to the equipment area. That will also vary.
  6. Features: Water falls, spas, fire pots, etc. will also vary from project to project.
  7. Materials: There are many options for pool interiors, deck toppings, coping stones, and rock work. Prices vary.

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