Choosing The Best Spot for Your Swimming Pool

by | Jun 16, 2022 | Building a Pool

When a homeowner decides to build a pool, there are many details to consider; one of the biggest choices is where to place the pool in your yard.  The size and shape of your yard may limit the options.  Here is a list of tips to help you make the most of your choices.


First, consider the use of the space.  Is there an existing patio to incorporate into your pool design?  Are there pets running around in the yard?  Is there playground equipment that needs rearrangement?  Perhaps some obstacles prevent placing a pool, such as trees or utility lines, or leaves and saps, making it a maintenance nightmare.  After taking these constraints into account, the best place for the pool is often already clear.

When choosing a location for your pool, consider the placement of lawns, gardens, and patios.  Keep in mind that space is important, and with swimming pools, the more, the better.  However, our team of designers can help to create the perfect pool for any size backyard.


The main reason for getting a pool is to swim and spend time with friends and family – but it is also important to add some pool accessories and amenities.  It is ideal to choose an area where the pool area connects to the house and integrates both with a garden, patio, paving, decking, or pathways.  A well-placed and well-designed pool will still allow enjoying the view while relaxing or entertaining friends and family.


Privacy is another consideration issue to consider when choosing a location for a pool.  A pool owner needs protection from the neighbors and other people who pass by.  It is the norm to have a pool in the backyard.  However, a pool in the front or side yard with a high privacy fence may be best for your home.

Weather and Environment

It is good to place your pool in an area facing north, where it will get at least four hours of sun daily.  It helps raise the water temperature a few degrees and will have lower energy costs.  Also, adding a fence can help block some of the wind to help keep the pool water warmer.

Slopes and Other Issues

Some yard areas may not be amenable to installing a pool, and others may be more challenging, resulting in higher installation costs.

For example, a pool contractor builds an inground pool on level ground.  They can always cut down a slope and build a retaining wall to create a level surface for your pool.  However, that’s an entire project in itself that comes with a hefty price tag.

Selecting the area can be confusing, but a good pool builder can help you.   There are some factors that can limit the location of the pool in your yard including:

  • Low-lying areas that are prone to flooding
  • Windy areas that cause excessive water evaporation
  • Buried utility lines
  • Local building codes regarding easements and/or clearances
  • Accessibility for pool construction


Once again, Cody Pools is the #1 swimming pool builder for the 10th year in a row!  Contact any of our offices in Texas, Florida, or Arizona, or visit our website to schedule a free consultation.