Featured Project: December 2022

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Featured Pools, Pool Designs and Ideas

This is one of our latest design projects completed in Cypress Texas. Below you will learn how one of our professional designers worked with the homeowner to achieve this gorgeous design along with pictures and specifications of the pool.

“What was it about this project that required an unusual level of quality workmanship”
This pool had a lot of different features that each took a lot of coordination and quality of workmanship to accomplish. To begin, we introduced a negative edge swim up bar up against the pavilion. We had multiple fire features as well as a weeping wall behind the perimeter overflow spa. With so much glass tile, travertine decking, and features, quality workmanship was king. The customer spent over 75k upgrading materials so making sure we executed the workmanship was essential. The glass tile weeping wall behind the spa required an extremely level and smooth finish to assure the water flowed correctly and evenly. This goes the same for the negative edge and spa.

“Describe how this pool design integrates effectively with the home, landscape, or both”
The first thing this customer told me is she wanted people to come over and say “wow, I haven’t seen anything like this before”. We utilized the kick outs of the house to “wrap” the pool around to give a feeling of connectivity of the pool and house. Due to the slope of the yard, we used that to our advantage to add the negative edge spillway and create a “fire and water” aspect with the fire pit being up against that area under the pavilion. When sitting under the pavilion, you get to see the spa as a centered feature with the weeping wall as a back drop to the spa.

“Describe the aesthetic appeal of this entire project”
A wow factor was a must with this project. Ensuring that we did something unique aesthetically was important. By doing water and fire features that you don’t see everyday added that to this project. With the fire feature in the center of the pool with the cap over it gives a twist to the traditional fire bowl or linear fire feature you commonly see. When thinking about the spa, privacy from neighbors was important. We utilized the wall to our advantage and when walking into the spa over the floating pads past the scuppers, it feels like you are going to a new destination. You then get to overlook the entire pool that seems to go on continuously because of the negative edge. We used a lot of different materials so each feature was unique but also complimented the next. We wanted to be unique, so we went with a wood look tile, nice glass tile for water spillovers, stainless scuppers we custom powder coated black, and a full travertine deck.

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